Tattooed Time Bomb Magazine Shoot

In December of 2014 I got the amazing opportunity to work with Mr. Krest Winchester as he shot for Tattooed Time Bomb Magazine. He is the talent behind Mr. D's Photography.  As well as Ms. Elise Sieber.  She's his business partner and an AWESOME makeup artist!  I wanted to share here some of the final shot.  I got my very first "Tear Sheet" and was credited as an associated Make Up artist in the January 2015 issue. What a way to kick off 2015! So here are a few shots from that:

Tear Sheet of all the published work.

As always lovies, please

Introducing My New YouTube Channel!!!

So I've talked about it for months! Maybe even years!  Well it's finally arrived.  You can now get your dose of #ExotiqueMUA in ACTION! That's right, I'm making videos now.  Be sure to check out the channel on YouTube TheSugarTush and subscribe for all the latest in beauty, makeup tips!  I hope to see you there lovies!

Urban Decay Smoked Palette ROCKSTAR

Birthday Rock

Just wanted to to a quick post showing my take on a glam/rock look for my birthday.

This look was very simple to achieve. I started with my normal foundation routine, then using Wet And Wild black gel liner, I created the intense cat eye, then set with Loreal HIP. I then used a red lip liner to line and fill my lips, then went over it with Loreal lipstick in True Red.

Always Improving

They say every professional started out as an amateur. To me there is no quote more inspiring. Especially when I look BACK in time at makeup I've done in the past. I recently redid a Harley Quinn look that I'd done before two years prior. With the knowledge I've gained I think I greatly improved upon the look. Here is a side by side. The one from 2011 is on the left, the more recent one is on the right. Never stop learning. Never give up.

Concrete Minerals Review

Ok so, a long while ago I promised to write up a review on the Concrete Minerals Pro Matte eye shadows I ordered. The time has come! :-)

I ordered four colors, but they have 32 you can choose from, WOW! I selected, Risque, Ember, Fame, and Gossip. Those are red, orange, yellow, and mint green respectively.

Shipping was fast with this company. When I received my shipment, inside they provided me with two samples of other colors (YAY!) And a "how to" card which explains the best method with these loose pigments is to PRESS and PACK color on as opposed to a sweeping motion, which would lead to a lot of fall out, and wasted product (Thanks guys!)

After using these pigments to create quite a few looks, which I will compile and attach to this review. Here is my experience:

I have to say out of the four I received, my very FAVORITE is Risque. It's a bright, opaque matte red. It goes on nicely, no spotty coverage, and plays nicely with others! The other three colors, while easily blendable gave me problems in the coverage area, but with persistence you can get those to look flawlessly opaque as well. Fame and Gossip especially required a LOT of coaxing to get full coverage.

I would have to say, the major cons to this product, is some of the pigments tend to fade throughout the day, even with primer and white basing.

Outside of that, I found them fairly easy to work with once you get the pigment packed on to the brightness you like. They blend well with one another, and also with other brands. I've used these with Urban Decay, Stila, MAC and Loreal HIP and I had NO issues across the brands.

Cut Crease Pictorial

Cut Crease Pictorial



This picture walks you through how I achieve a cut crease from start to finish.

Starting with a naked eye, I move to my first step which is to define and fill in my brow.  For this look I chose to use tape for that super CRISP edge.

After defining my brow and taping off a boundary I clean up the underside of my brow with concealer, and prime my lid.

The next thing I do is mark where I’m going to cut my crease, no need to be perfect here, we will clean it all up in the end.

Once I’ve decided where to cut my crease, I diffuse and fade the dark color up into softer tones, and using my lid primer I clean the under side of my crease to create that nice crisp line.

For this look I decided to use a sparkly orange color on the lid, however it is reading very “champagne” on camera I think.

At this point be VERY careful not to disturb the line you created.

Once I have all my colors placed how I like, I’m ready to remove the tape and line up my eyes.

As you can see I chose to do a double black liner, you can feel free to line however you feel most comfortable.

I also decided to add some glamour and put a few rhinestones, affixed with Duo Lash Glue. (this step is EXTREMELY optional)

I then move on to applying my false lashes, and VOILA! you have your Cut Crease!

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Jessica Rabbit

Quick Jessica Rabbit inspired look!

A Cut Crease

2013-06-04 21.06.54-1


     2013-06-04 20.48.21


2013-06-04 21.06.05 

2013-06-04 21.11.09-1

My goal here was to give you guys a step-by-step pictorial on how I do a cut crease, but along the way I FORGOT that was my goal…and skipped a few steps.  So instead, I’ll just post the finished results, and in the near future I will post a pictorial of each step.



Prestige eyeliner pencil in Dark Brown on my brows

Stila shadow in Moonlight as my browbone highlight

Urban Decay in Graffiti

HIP by L’oreal shadow duo in Showy (the matte blue side)

HIP by L’oreal shadow duo in Flamboyant

a red and a black color from a palette I ordered called “Manly” (lol this name makes me laugh)

LA Colors white pencil in my waterline

Prestige liquid eyeliner in Black

and a false lash

I also did an Ombre lip using Lime Crimes New Yolk City rimmed with a Navy Blue Wet n Wild lip liner

Fake It Til’ You Make It (How I do my eyebrows between waxes)

2013-06-04 19.08.08 2013-06-04 19.09.09-1 2013-06-04 19.10.34
2013-06-04 19.12.45 2013-06-04 19.19.31 2013-06-04 19.23.34
2013-06-04 19.24.50 2013-06-04 19.38.54
Step 1: Underline brow shape with a liner matching your brow color
Step 2: Repeat this process on the upper side of your brow
Step 3: Blend to create your filled in brow shape
Step 4: Use a concealer shade lighter than your natural skintone to clean up your shape and highlight your browbone
Step 5: I use a concealer that matches my skin tone to clean the upper side of my brow (most choose a lighter shade) do what works for you
Step 6: Make sure to blend very well
Step 7: Apply your foundation, making sure to blend your concealer very well into your foundation

Products Used
Prestige liner in Dark Brown
E.L.F. concealer palette
Sephora  brand push liner brush

Hopeless Romantic…

D'Mari D'Mari



A few of the unedited pictures from the photo shoot done June 2nd 2013 for music artist D’Mari.  More to come! check her out on SoundCloud and Facebook

Photography by Jamel Mosely, check out his page on Facebook as well.

SoundCloud for D'Mari

D'Mari on facebook

Mel eMedia on Facebook

Jamel Mosely on Tumblr