Concrete Minerals Review

Ok so, a long while ago I promised to write up a review on the Concrete Minerals Pro Matte eye shadows I ordered. The time has come! :-)

I ordered four colors, but they have 32 you can choose from, WOW! I selected, Risque, Ember, Fame, and Gossip. Those are red, orange, yellow, and mint green respectively.

Shipping was fast with this company. When I received my shipment, inside they provided me with two samples of other colors (YAY!) And a "how to" card which explains the best method with these loose pigments is to PRESS and PACK color on as opposed to a sweeping motion, which would lead to a lot of fall out, and wasted product (Thanks guys!)

After using these pigments to create quite a few looks, which I will compile and attach to this review. Here is my experience:

I have to say out of the four I received, my very FAVORITE is Risque. It's a bright, opaque matte red. It goes on nicely, no spotty coverage, and plays nicely with others! The other three colors, while easily blendable gave me problems in the coverage area, but with persistence you can get those to look flawlessly opaque as well. Fame and Gossip especially required a LOT of coaxing to get full coverage.

I would have to say, the major cons to this product, is some of the pigments tend to fade throughout the day, even with primer and white basing.

Outside of that, I found them fairly easy to work with once you get the pigment packed on to the brightness you like. They blend well with one another, and also with other brands. I've used these with Urban Decay, Stila, MAC and Loreal HIP and I had NO issues across the brands.

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