Cut Crease Pictorial

Cut Crease Pictorial



This picture walks you through how I achieve a cut crease from start to finish.

Starting with a naked eye, I move to my first step which is to define and fill in my brow.  For this look I chose to use tape for that super CRISP edge.

After defining my brow and taping off a boundary I clean up the underside of my brow with concealer, and prime my lid.

The next thing I do is mark where I’m going to cut my crease, no need to be perfect here, we will clean it all up in the end.

Once I’ve decided where to cut my crease, I diffuse and fade the dark color up into softer tones, and using my lid primer I clean the under side of my crease to create that nice crisp line.

For this look I decided to use a sparkly orange color on the lid, however it is reading very “champagne” on camera I think.

At this point be VERY careful not to disturb the line you created.

Once I have all my colors placed how I like, I’m ready to remove the tape and line up my eyes.

As you can see I chose to do a double black liner, you can feel free to line however you feel most comfortable.

I also decided to add some glamour and put a few rhinestones, affixed with Duo Lash Glue. (this step is EXTREMELY optional)

I then move on to applying my false lashes, and VOILA! you have your Cut Crease!

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  1. Trying to follow these instructions. Do a live video please!!!