Fake It Til’ You Make It (How I do my eyebrows between waxes)

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Step 1: Underline brow shape with a liner matching your brow color
Step 2: Repeat this process on the upper side of your brow
Step 3: Blend to create your filled in brow shape
Step 4: Use a concealer shade lighter than your natural skintone to clean up your shape and highlight your browbone
Step 5: I use a concealer that matches my skin tone to clean the upper side of my brow (most choose a lighter shade) do what works for you
Step 6: Make sure to blend very well
Step 7: Apply your foundation, making sure to blend your concealer very well into your foundation

Products Used
Prestige liner in Dark Brown
E.L.F. concealer palette
Sephora  brand push liner brush

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  1. Are you filling in the brow between the lines? Or is that just blending the first two out lines inward? What do you blend with?